Portal Grade

The Portal Grade

The Portal Grade are the Builders of the Temple: they have created their Inner Temple and start expanding it, to become the teachers of the future. This training is for people who have finished the curriculum for the First Degree Initiation of the Magical Order Temple of Starlight.


The Portal Grade is the preparation for the Second Degree. In order to start this curriculum you need to:

  • Have at least finished lesson 15 of the Solo Magical Training,
  • Are a first degree initiate for at least one year
  • Have attend the required minimum amount of Temple Retreats and/or Temple Trainings.


During the Portal Grade:

  • You finish the first 25 lessons of the Solo Magical Training
  • You finish the three volumes of the Dragon’s Path
  • You start to set up your Star Temple Ritual group and/or raise your Magical Lodge by means of the workbooks for the Portal Grade

The Portal Grade is the preparation to become a First Degree Magus. It is the start of the Transpersonal Magic® Training.

The combination of the Solo Magical Training and the Temple Training prepare you for the higher initiation degrees for which you need the Transpersonal Magic® curriculum.

The Portal Grade is being developed at the moment. Expect more teaching materials to come soon.

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